What is Live Train Running Status ?

Using Live Train Running Status anyone can find current realtime location of Running train. You can also find Station Code , Station Name , Distance , Scheduled Arrival time & Scheduled Departure time of trains , Actual Arrival time and Actual Departure Time , Average Delay of trains using this feature of Indian Railway.

Live Train Running Status Detailed Explanation

Example of Checking Live Train Running Status

If You are travelling from Mumbai to Varanasi via train no 11093 - Mahanagari Express , just enter '11094' or Mahanagari Exp in search box. If You are not sure about train number or train name , then just enter starting digits of train number or starting words of train name.
After this , select date of journey (travel date e.g. May 05 2019) and then click on Get live train running status.

The Resulting information that will be dilpalyed will be - Station Code , Station Name , Scheduled Arrival Time , Scheduled Departure Time , Expected Arrival Time , Expected Departure Time , Distance travelled to reach that particular station , Day Information , Train Stoppage time and Platform Indicator. The Scheduled Arrival Time and Scheduled Departure Time is Scheduled by Indian Railway to arrival and departure of the Train Time, where as Expected Arrival Time and Expected Departure Time is actual time when the train arrives and departs from that Station. Live Train Running Status displays actual Real Time location of the train where it is currently running. It also displays that Train is running on Right Time or On Time or Late or Delayed and if it is running late then how much time it is running late.

Various methods to check Live Train Running Status

  1. NTES :- National Train Enquiry System
  2. SMS :- Type AD Train No Staion Code and send SMS to 139. For example , AD 11094 0561 and sent SMS to 139 where 11094 is train number and 0561 is Station Code.
  3. RailBook :- You can easily find accurate real time train running status using RailBook App and Website.

Which important information could be tracked from live train running status using RailBook

Error : Live Train Running Status using RailBook

If Queried Train Live Running Status is not deliverd or Displayed then following reasons or mistakes could be responsible.

  1. You have entered incorrect or invalid train number.
  2. Train does not runs on the date it is being searched.
  3. Train is yet not started from its source station.