PNR status

PNR is short name for 'Passenger Name Record'. It is a record in the database of Indian Railways computer reservation system (IR-CRS) against which journey details for a passenger, or a group of passengers are saved.
       As we know every train has limited number of seats, sometime one may not get a confirmed reserved ticket. Booking status of such waitlist (W/L) ticket changes when there is any availability of reserved seats due to cancellation. This new current reservation status is generally known as PNR status.

Find PNR number on ticket

PNR number is generally printed at the top left corner of the printed tickets (tickets that are taken from railway station booking window). In case of the E – Ticket (tickets that are booked online or through IRCTC website), it is mentioned at top in separate cell

Types of Indian Railways Tickets

1 . E-Ticket

E-Ticket or Electronic Ticket is only booked through IRCTC website. One can take print out of booked ticket and show it to the TTE with relevant passenger ID

2 . I-Ticket

Tickets booked at railway reservation counter are of type i-Ticket. It can also be booked at IRCTC website and usually gets delievered through courier at your doorstep.

How PNR number is generated

PNR number is a 10-digit number where first 3 digits signify the zone of the train with respect to the origin station of that train and the last 7 digits are randomly generated. A PNR number can uniquely identify ones journey in Indian Railway

My PNR status is showing WL/67/GN in booking status , but current status is showing CNF. Is my ticket is Confirmed

The current status field tells the latest status. Since under current status it is showing CNF, therefore your ticket has been confirmed

My current PNR status is showing RAC/20/GN. What does that mean ?

This means your ticket is in RAC status i.e. you will have to share your berth with some other person in the train. However, on chart preparation your PNR status might upgrade to CNF or confirmed where you will get a full dedicated berth all for yourself

What happens if ticket booked through IRCTC and remains waitlisted after chart preparation

PNRs which remain in fully waitlisted mode after chart preparation is automatically cancelled if booked through IRCTC and your money will be refunded in your bank account OR Wallets in 3-4 working days through which payment was made.

what happen if i lost my train ticket but I remember my PNR number. Can I still travel?

If a passenger has booked an e-ticket from IRCTC website and forgets to take the e-ticket print out but remembers the PNR number then there is no problem provided the passenger has a valid id proof. IRCTC ticket booking sms is also allowed in place of ticket print out. On missing both print out and sms, a penalty of Rs.50 per ticket can be levied by TTE. However for counter tickets passenger needs to carry both original ticket and a valid id proof. If one has lost the ticket but remembers PNR number, a duplicate ticket can be requested from railway reservation counters